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Secure Parking Revolutionises Customer Experience with Voyager

Secure Parking, a prominent player in the Australian parking industry boasting over 500 car parks nationwide, has recently undertaken a groundbreaking initiative. The company embarked on a mission to develop a tailored parking technology solution, aimed at expediting the digitization of its facilities while delivering a seamless and uniform experience to its customers.

Employing cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies, Secure Parking sought to replace outdated platforms with a more dependable, scalable, and interconnected approach. Simultaneously, the company aimed to curtail operational expenses while laying the foundation for future growth and innovation within the parking sector.

In pursuit of excellence in this ambitious endeavor, Secure Parking opted for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the core technological backbone. Today, this comprehensive solution, christened ‘Voyager,’ stands as an integrated car park management platform, positioned at the heart of Secure Parking’s operational framework.

Voyager presently oversees a network of over 3,000 devices, encompassing IoT edge controllers, car park entry/exit terminals, as well as boom gates and roller doors. Built entirely on the Microsoft stack, the platform leverages Microsoft’s IoT and edge technology suite to furnish real-time insights to the backend. Data resides securely in Azure, and the customer interface is facilitated through Dynamics 365 Sales.

With Voyager in place, Secure Parking has successfully ushered in an era of digitised parking, rendering the process ticketless, cashless, and effortlessly interconnected for its patrons. Beyond its immediate benefits, this revolutionary technology is also poised to play a pivotal role in future smart city initiatives.

Rick Chandra, Chief Information Officer at Secure Parking, elucidates the shift, “Historically, the use of various legacy car park equipment across our sites meant customers would receive an inconsistent experience.”

In stark contrast, Voyager extends a personalised, low-contact experience through a mobile app and website. It offers users a PIN or QR code for swift entry and exit, streamlining the process with unparalleled simplicity and efficiency.

Furthermore, Voyager has witnessed a surge in digital platform engagement, as customers now have the ability to pre-book parking spots at nearby Secure Parking locations. The mobile app provides real-time availability updates, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Chandra emphasizes, “One of the core objectives of Voyager is to provide our customers with the ultimate parking experience. Customers are really enjoying the real-time, seamless connectivity that Voyager brings to them.”

In addition to enhanced customer engagement, Secure Parking is now equipped to glean individualised insights into customer preferences and behaviour patterns. Voyager’s IoT capabilities, coupled with Microsoft’s AI features, empower the collection of invaluable data to further refine the customer experience.

Beyond customer-facing capabilities, Voyager incorporates an asset management platform enabling staff to manage rates, products, promotions, and transactions. The platform’s backend integration with Azure IoT empowers Secure Parking with intelligent insights from over 3,000 connected devices.

As Voyager continues to be deployed across Secure Parking’s car parks in Australia, plans are underway to introduce this transformative solution in New Zealand by the end of 2023.

With Voyager as its cornerstone, Secure Parking is poised to explore new opportunities leveraging intelligent IoT technologies. The platform also champions sustainability by eliminating paper tickets and validators, and by supporting electric vehicle charging initiatives.

In conclusion, Secure Parking’s Voyager marks a significant leap in the parking industry’s technological evolution. Through this innovative venture, Secure Parking is primed to reshape the customer journey and drive rapid innovation in the sector.

“Secure Parking is on a journey of transformation. Voyager is the first step towards shifting how the industry understands the customer journey and will inform rapid innovation going forward,” concludes Chandra, encapsulating the company’s vision for the future.


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