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Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: Why Microsoft is the Clear Choice for Businesses

In the dynamic world of cloud-based productivity suites, businesses are often faced with the crucial decision of choosing between Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. Each platform offers a range of tools designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. However, a deeper analysis reveals why Microsoft 365 is often the superior choice for many organisations, particularly those…

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2023 to 2024 Executive Focus: Navigating Growth, Technology, and Talent in an Evolving Business Landscape

Let's take a peek into what's topping the agenda for CEOs and CFOs this year. Courtesy of Gartner's latest CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey, Marko Horvat,  VP of Research in Gartner’s finance practice, breaks down the big three for 2023: growth, technology, and talent. Gartner CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey was conducted earlier…

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Why Security is Paramount for Brands When Systems Fail: A Lesson from Optus Outage

In the digital age, brands are not just competing for customers; they are also vying for trust, particularly when it comes to data security and system reliability. The recent Optus incident is a stark reminder that even the most robust networks, fortified with layers of fallback and redundancy, are not immune to failure. This occurrence…

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