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Gutter-Vac Partner Success Story

The Challenge : Aging software can create unnecessary administrative burden.

Gutter-Vac, an Australian franchise specialising in residential gutter debris removal, faced operational challenges over its 27-year history due to a fragmented system of telephony, email, individual spreadsheets, and specialized software. This setup led to duplicated efforts, human errors, and slow, costly updates. Inaccurate data hindered business responses and marketing of new franchises, while mandatory weekly reporting added to franchisees’ burdens. The deprecation of critical software modules posed a risk to business continuity, highlighting the need for a more efficient and streamlined system.



Faced with reduced team productivity, unhappy franchisees, and the loss of business critical functionality in its core software system, Gutter-Vac’s founders, Warren and Anne Ballantyne knew they needed to modernise their systems and processes for good.


  • Centralise business data from multiple sources

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on data entry

  • Offer lower total cost of ownership

  • Provide ease of use for staff and franchisees

  • Simplify the mandatory tasks and processes for staff and franchisees

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of reporting

  • Handle changes to compliance or regulatory requirements

  • Adapt to meet changing business needs without exorbitant cost.

  • Quickly make sense of long web pages, PDFs and other documents
  • Integrated with Teams, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft 365 apps
“The main issue for Gutter-Vac was their incumbent system was a proprietary software product. It was developed to do a limited number of things and could not be easily or quickly adapted to meet a wider variety of use cases”
Aedan Glasby - Director and Solution Architect at Online 3.

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    Platform Solutions Empower Business Growth

    The Online 3 solution provided greatly enhanced functionality by drawing on modern cloud platform services. 

    Consolidating the bulk of Gutter-Vac’s systems into one platform delivered cost benefits and we made more effective use of existing licenses. 

    • Multiple sources of company data integrated into a single platform using Microsoft365

    • New Microsoft 365 E3 licensing deployed to Gutter-Vac head office team members to enhance collaboration and data security

    • Existing Office 365 E1 licenses procured for the Franchisees email redeployed to provide access to a SharePoint intranet

    • Intranet housed a new royalty calculation and reporting engine developed for Gutter-Vac with a combination of SharePoint Online Lists, Power Automate and Power BI

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise combined with Power Automate and Power BI provided a Franchise Relationship Management system to automate processes between Gutter-Vac and franchisees

    • Microsoft 365 features enabled to enhance Franchisor-to-Franchisee collaboration.

    The Result

    Modern Cloud Services Put Gutter-Vac On Track for Sustained Growth.

    In just 12 weeks, Online 3 had implemented the base solution. This included proof of concept and validation of the new intranet and royalty calculation system with Gutter-Vac’s Franchisee Advisory Committee. Working with Gutter-Vac and its Franchisee Advisory Committee, Online 3 has continued to refine and improve the solution, automating more and more of Gutter-Vac’s business processes with each passing year.

    Always have an expert on the side that knows what they’re doing. We have Online 3 because they’re experts in their field. Employing the best and working with the best will work out well now and in the future.

    ANNE BALLANTYNE – Founder & CFO, Gutter-Vac

    ANNE BALLANTYNE – Founder & CFO, Gutter-Vac


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