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Suncorp Strengthens Cloud Partnership with Microsoft for Innovation and Resilience

Suncorp, a prominent financial services provider, has cemented its collaboration with Microsoft through a new three-year cloud agreement aimed at accelerating its operations. As part of this venture, Suncorp Group will expand its utilization of Microsoft Azure’s cloud service and deploy over 13,600 Surface devices across Australia and New Zealand.

In a strategic move, Suncorp will increase its reliance on Microsoft Azure’s cloud service while phasing out its in-house data centers as part of a broader multi-cloud approach. The ultimate goal is to transition 90% of their workloads to the cloud by the end of 2023. Additional applications will be migrated to new facilities in Sydney, with plans to completely exit existing data centers by January 2024.

With a legacy spanning over a century, Suncorp Group (ASX: SUN) has been committed to shaping a brighter future and safeguarding what matters most. The company operates under various esteemed financial brands, offering insurance, banking, and asset management services in both Australia and New Zealand.

Charles Pizzato, Executive General Manager of IT Infrastructure at Suncorp Group, emphasized the organization’s dedication to cloud computing. He highlighted how modernizing technology platforms has enabled Suncorp to lead the insurance sector in delivering innovative customer experiences, all while reducing costs and risks.

Pizzato further explained the significance of partnering with Microsoft, citing the flexibility, scalability, and security provided by the Azure platform. He noted that Suncorp’s cloud journey commenced in 2013, with 65% of applications now operating in the cloud. The ongoing partnership with Microsoft aligns with Suncorp’s strategic transformation goals and innovation agenda.

Suncorp has also made strides in equipping its workforce with technology, rolling out 10,000 Microsoft Surface Laptops across Australia and New Zealand, with plans to deploy an additional 3,600 in the next year. This move is integral to ensuring a seamless and secure work experience for employees, regardless of their location.

Duncan Taylor, General Manager Financial Services Industry at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, expressed enthusiasm about playing an expanded role in Suncorp’s cloud strategy and workplace evolution. He highlighted the longstanding partnership between the two organizations.

Furthermore, Suncorp has introduced 150 Surface Hubs to its new headquarters in Brisbane, as well as its offices in Australia and New Zealand. These collaborative devices are designed to foster inclusive and idea-sharing hybrid meeting environments. Additionally, they will enhance Suncorp’s disaster response capabilities, allowing for more effective support to customers during natural disasters and extreme weather events. This strategic move reinforces Suncorp’s commitment to innovation, resilience, and customer-centricity in an ever-evolving financial landscape.