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We Don’t Trust , We Verify. 

At Online 3 the emergence of the Secure Scorecard is aimed to address the complexities of modern business landscapes. Small Business and Government agencies have grappled with challenges like rapid globalisation, technological advancements, and shifts from products to services. Despite these transformations, conventional performance measures based on outdated accounting models remained insufficient to gauge organisational health in dynamic markets.

Recognising these limitations, we have acknowledged that relying solely on financial metrics was inadequate, as optimising short-term financial gains often came at the expense of long-term viability. This realisation was especially relevant as investments in critical areas like workforce development, research, marketing, and customer service could be overshadowed by immediate cost-cutting measures. Their approach aimed to overcome the reliance on historical indicators by incorporating leading indicators that provide insight into an organisation’s future performance.

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In today’s business landscape, companies continue to face familiar pressures from a decade ago, but within a radically transformed economic environment. One significant force that emerged since then is the Internet, which has dramatically reshaped business operations. This digital revolution has not only diminished entry barriers across markets but also granted consumers unprecedented access to information and choices. It has ushered in new distribution channels and catalysed entire industry sectors centred around activities like customer relationship management, supply chain integration, security, and information marketing.


The present economy has transitioned into what experts label the “Age of Information.” This shift is characterized by a Gross Domestic Product increasingly driven by services, replacing the prominence of production assembly line workers with knowledge workers as key contributors. Knowledge workers manipulate data and information collaboratively to generate value, leading to predominantly intangible value creation.

IT investments heavily involve knowledge workers and capital, significantly impacting costs and customer relationships. While these investments indirectly bolster production, direct correlations between IT projects and increased revenue or reduced costs are rare.

As organisations increasingly rely on intangible factors for financial performance, effectively implementing strategy and measuring its effectiveness has proven challenging. Reports indicate that merely 10% of devised strategies are successfully executed, and without the Balanced Scorecard, a vast majority of executive teams dedicate less than an hour per month to strategy discussions. Despite investing substantial time in refining values, mission statements, and strategic initiatives, translating these concepts into transformative actions remains elusive. The Balanced Scorecard stands as a validated method to align organisations with strategy, channel knowledge workers toward strategic objectives, and ultimately enhance financial returns stemming from employee efforts, technological investments, business processes, and customer interactions.

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Unlocking the power of the modern business landscape, Online 3 delivers a suite of specialised IT consultancy services. Our spotlight is on the crucial dimensions of connectivity, productivity, and security, where we excel in harnessing the digital realm to elevate your operations. With a wealth of experience in implementing strategies akin to the Balanced Scorecard approach, our team stands ready to leverage their expertise for your organisational success.


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