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Franchise Council Australia

"12 months ago the FCA’s IT and phone systems wouldn’t allow us the capacity to work remotely. With the help of Online 3 our new ICT system allows all staff to work remotely at full capacity. The FCA is well placed internally to respond as it needs to support its 500 franchise system members.Online 3 was also engaged in a virtual CIO role for our digital transformation project, this has ensured that we have seamlessly been able to serve our members throughout the pandemic even with severe lockdown restrictions as we are based in Melbourne Victoria.."
Franchise Council Australia
3. Access Efficient Expertise:
In the realm of modern business, technology isn’t just a tool – it’s a cornerstone of success. From streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences, having a robust IT strategy is non-negotiable. However, for many businesses, the challenges of time, costs, and expertise often overshadow the benefits of a well-structured technology approach. This is where Online 3 steps in, offering you a virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) that reshapes your IT landscape in three game-changing ways.


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